What Entails A Compliant Construction Site?

The National Construction Authority (NCA) in conjunction with the county governments occasionally carry out field inspections of construction sites to check on compliance with approvals.

Here is a simple guide on what is expected for an ongoing construction site to be considered compliant.

Site documentation

All construction sites need to have a signboard showing project details such as the name of the project and land reference number (L.R. No), name and addresses of the client and consultants involved in the project, name and addresses of all contractors and subcontractors, together with the county council, NCA and NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) approval number.

Always have a hard copy of the architectural and structural plans that have been stamped by the county authority, NCA and NEMA  compliance certificates, on site.

The construction site should be registered under the Occupational Safety and Health act (OSHA) and a copy of OSHA certificate should be on site.

For small renovation works, a letter granting authority for the works will suffice. Ensure it is hang somewhere visible by all.

It always helps, though is not mandatory,to have up-to-date rates payment receipts to verify the credibility of your documents.

Hoarding and site facilities

During construction, the developer should provide washroom facilities for all the workers on the project as well as erect and properly maintain the hoarding.

Hoarding is a temporary structure erected around the perimeter of construction sites to shield them from view and prevent unauthorized access.A hoarding permit is always sought from the County Council before putting up the actual hoarding around you building.

Where it is not practical to put up hoarding then barricade tapes come in handy as temporary barriers to warn and keep the public away from the working area.

NCA accredited workers

The construction company carrying out the works must have been registered as a contractor with NCA. In addition, ensure the site supervisors and skilled workers working in your site are accredited by NCA.

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All workers should be in proper personal protection equipment (P.P.E) and any works carried out should be in the safest manner possible to avoid accidents.

The site should have safety signs at designated points and workers must hold toolbox briefings every morning to sensitize them to promote a safety culture in the site.

Other licenses and permits

A tree felling license is sought from the department of forestry before you are granted permission to cut down a tree or even prune a hedge, falling within your working area. The fee charged will vary depending on the size of the tree in particular.It is important to note that only licensed tree fellers can carry out the activity.

There are fees charged for carrying out excavation and you will require a dumping permit to ensure waste is disposed off on council approved waste grounds.

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