Building Regulations

Building regulations exist to provide standards for the design and construction of buildings. It is on this basis that construction permits and approvals are granted.

Metric System Vs Imperial: Why are there Two Measurement Systems?

The imperial and metric systems are two different measurement systems for length, area, volume and mass.

How to Obtain a Certificate of Occupation in Kenya

The Certificate of Occupation/ Occupancy or Occupation permit is a legal document issued by a local government agency or the housing/building department declaring a building’s compliance with relevant building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for human habitation.

Busy construction site

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Accessibility and Inclusivity in the Built Environment

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What fresh registration of title deeds means for land owners

What Fresh Registration of Title Deeds means for Land Owners

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The Building Plan Approval Process in Kenya

All developments must obtain approvals prior to commencement of construction. There are three main agencies that are involved in the approval process.

Kenya’s Switch To The EuroCodes

The year 2021 will see Kenya’s construction industry adopting the European Code of Standards known…

Safety First: How To Carry Out Demolitions

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What Are Some Of The Common Challenges In The Construction Industry?

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