The National Construction week: A First in Kenya


Launched by Hon Proff Jacob Kaimenyi Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning earlier this year, the National Construction week was projected to be a major driver for growth and advancement of Kenya’s construction industry.

This is the first time the week is being observed in Kenya, and has featured a series of events running between 2nd to 4th November.


Delegates registering for the Big 5 construct exhibition.

Today marks day three of the Big 5 construct exhibition, the official exhibition of Kenya’s National Construction Week, that is being hosted at Kenyatta International Conference Center.

The event was co-located with the National Construction Authority’s annual conference – ACoRCE that ran for two days between 2nd and 3rd November.

As a key player in the East African construction industry, the event is a must attend, providing the perfect opportunity to network and find certified, reliable suppliers for your business.

It not only allows for face to face interaction but also avails the information with regards to various innovative solutions available within the industry.


The JCB dancing diggers were part of the entertainment at the ongoing Big 5 Construct East Africa exhibition.

The Big 5 Construct East Africa offers a 360 degree overview of the Construction industry and has been the central meeting place for global manufacturers and decision-makers over the last two days.

According to the event organizer, the first day of the event gathered an impressive number of participants, over 2000 professionals.

A look at the list of exhibitors reveals various well known firms from construction heavyweight countries such as Turkey, Italy, Germany and Greece, bringing together international, never-before-seen, innovative solutions to the local industry.

It is the place where the latest construction products, equipment, technologies and services are showcased and is absolutely free of charge.


Delegates attending the workshop at the Big 5 construct East Africa held at KICC .

According to the NCA press release, the ACoRCE conference is a platform availed to the industry for discussing construction research findings as well as showcasing innovations in the construction industry with a view to foster growth and maximum contribution of the construction industry to the economy.

The conference was established with the main agenda being, to provide solutions to the challenges that plague the construction industry, referred to as the”6 Ms” namely: Money, Methods, Machines, Materials, Manpower and Market.


The first conference was held in September 2015 at Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) attracting about 800 delegates and 25 exhibitors.

The conference theme was “showcasing innovations in the construction industry in the 21st Century for business Development.

The Second Annual Research Conference and Exhibition concluded the conference presentations yesterday with its main theme being “nurturing the transformation of local construction industry on materials and technologies for global best practice”

And just in case you missed it then it is important to note that proceedings from both (ACORCE 2015 &2016) conferences will be published in the inaugural construction journal of the NCA for public benefit.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management from the University of Nairobi, Kenya and have overseen various construction projects since 2014. Based on my first hand experience in the built environment and through my writing, i hope to offer valid criticism to the way things are, and give valuable insights on how things should be. I am passionate about sustainable development and will always advocate for the interests of the general public. Contact me on:


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